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Cardlock Vending - the low cost producer of CardMaster fleet fueling controls, device controls, and utility enclosure. 
CardMaster was first introduced in 2001 and today is the low cost solution to control  and accountability 
of fueling equipment and of access control both in the US and internationally. 


Emco Wheaton Retail Corporation - Designs, engineers, and markets equipment for vapor recovery, spill containment, overfill prevention, and 
remediation including steel and composite manholes, used by retail gasoline service stations. Our international activities through a global 
distribution network ensure we can act swiftly to the changing regional regulations and offer excellent technical services and product support.  
For over 100 years Emco Wheaton Retail has led the way in design and innovation at the service station,
 introducing a number of new
vapor recovery and containment technologies.   

Gasoila -Gasoila® Chemicals Division of Federal Process Corporation offers a diverse line of quality products for the petroleum, plumbing, 
LP Gas, HVAC, automotive and general industrial markets.  Includes industrial thread sealants, cutting oils, gas gauging pastes and industrial cleaning chemicals.

IRPCO, LLC -  Manufacturer of Fuel-Flo curb pump, UL-Listed Assemblies, breakaway assemblies, Stage II Vapor Recovery,
farm pump, marina, fuel oil, LPG, Aircraft fueling, tank truck, vapor recovery, air & water, hydraulic hose and connectors.  Metal hose.

LEOTEK - Leotek Electronics USA Corp., located in Silicon Valley, California since 1997, is globally recognized as a pioneer 
in light-emitting diode (LED) technology.  With millions of LED products installed throughout the United States, 
as well as on a global scale, Leotek offers a history of proven performance.  
They manufacture innovative LED lighting products for applications encompassing traffic and transit, 
street and area, commercial, and petroleum, convenience, grocery and retail stores

Liquid Eye-Level Gauges for Horizontal & Vertical Above Ground Bulk Storage Tanks.

Petroleum Containment, Inc.- Fiberglass secondary containment sumps; Tank sumps featuring patented “Twist-Lok” access covers,
 dispenser sumps, dispenser pans, 
AST transition sumps.  Sump retrofit lids for existing polyethylene and fiberglass sumps. 

Pneumercator, Inc.
- Established in 1914. Liquid level gauging, alarm systems, and leak detection sensors.  Currently manufacturing five basic types of equipment: Point level controls based on float-actuated level switches and alarms, Liquid level gauges based on mechanical and pneumatic signal transmission, Float-actuated liquid level gauges based on electrical signal transmission, Liquid level inventory management systems based on microprocessor control, and Hydrocarbon leak detection based on float switch technology.  Primarily markets are industrial/commercial accounts with emphasis on the telecommunications and retail petroleum fuels. Secondary markets include chemical processing, marine, transportation and military customers.

Power Integrity, Inc.- (PICO) provides engineered solutions for retail and commercial petroleum sites.  

Common problems include improper wiring procedures, lack of surge protection and lack of code compliance.  PICO's control systems redefine the electrical integration of petroleum controls while using less wall space and making installation and maintenance quicker, simpler and safer. 


RCI Technologies - Manufacturer and Distributor of Green Certified Filterless Fuel Purification Systems, including Universal Fuel Purifier, 
Portable Tank Cleaning Unit, and Automatic Recirculating System.  Performs without the use or need of a replaceable, changeable or 
cleanable filter element, cartridge, or bowl.

Printers, POS Systems, Electronic Circuit Boards, Card Readers, Car Wash Equipment, Intercoms, Replacement Stainless.
















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